1. here is a new blog where I post a new film picture of my life everyday so please take this journey with me! I promise it will be work it!

  2. The calm before the storm. Brent Walsh of I The Mighty.

    Seattle 2014

  3. Blake Dahlinger is really hard to take pictures of! He never looks up ha but super amazing dude and amazing drummer for I The Mighty!

  4. Chris Hinkley of I The Mighty killing the Bottom of the hill! this was an amazing show!

  5. Ian Pedigo from I the Mighty riding the light at The bottom of the hill in SF.

  6. I lucked out on this shot of Brent from I The Mighty! this dude rocks!

  7. I was so honored to shoot the dudes of I The Mighty. These guys work really hard and some of the nicest guys I have ever had the honor of working with! 

  8. Brent Walsh from I the Mighty warming up before his set. in the green room at the bottom of the hill

  9. Caitlyn Mae is amazing!

  10. Cisco Estrada striking a pose on stage!